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Welcome to Hopwood Radio,

We are an online community Radio run by a team of close friends we started in January 2009 and have been providing regular support to local businesses and Charities over the years. we wanted to create a place where everyone is welcome to relax while either exploring the website or just kicking back and listening to the variety of music that is played by our DJ Team. to find out more click the About us in the Menu.

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Local History & Heritage


St Leonard's Church


The Olde Boars Head


Middleton Library

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Hopwood Hall Estate

The 12th century manor house is a grade II* listed building surrounded by ancient woodlands in Middleton which was owned by the Hopwood Family. When the two last remaining heirs both brothers died in the second world war it then became part of the training college used by the De la Salle brothers and also the Cotton Corporation after which time it was left in very poor and derelict state by Rochdale Borough Council.


Until an Ancestor of the Hopwood Family found out about the Hall while searching his family's ancestry he then packed up and moved to Middleton to save what was left of the family home and to restore it to its formal glory with the help of a local volunteers.

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Meet the Team!

We have a dedicate team who help run the website and radio. 

Recording Studio


UpDated Coffee Bar is a great family friendly cafe in Middleton.

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The Friends of Hopwood Park

Our main goal is to give back to our communities to show continued support to local businesses and charities and volunteering where we can. That's how passionate we are and it doesn't matter how big or small the impact is, the achievement is knowing we helped.


We continue to support The Friends of Hopwood Park and have been volunteering our time for over 10 years! This involves being at the center of their events providing stewarding and security, helping to set up ready for the event day and packing everything away after the event. It's a great way to be involved and we get to meet so many people and families.


We have also been volunteering our time helping to restore Hopwood Hall Estate by working tirelessly in the hall and gardens each week. We have been part of the Hall since 2013 officially but actually came across the hall back in the early 2000’s while out on a walk in the woodlands with our dogs. We used to sit on the maintained cut grass in the sunshine and just admiring the grand manor house until Rochdale Council took it over and that's when they left it in a very poor and derelict state unmaintained and a sight for sores eyes with long grass and trees had grown all over the lovely garden.

Want to know more about the Local Businesses and Charities we continue to support visit our Community Page

Hopwood Hall Estate

The radio is run by a group of friends and is suitable for all age groups. Each DJ/Presenter plays a variety of songs allowing you to sit back and relax after those long days at School or Work examples are Country, Pop/Rock and anything from the 50's 60s and 70s


If you’re having a bad day then turn the volume up and let the good vibes in. We want to create a place where everyone is welcome and friendly and the best part is you will soon be able to send in your own requests or have a message read live on air!




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