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Greater Manchester Police “TARGET” two Autistic members of the public

GMP Middleton have found themselves in a court battle with two autistic victims after an unlawful and intimidating stop where one of the officers used abusive and intimidating language causing alarm and distress.

Greater Manchester Police (Middleton SDHQ) Photo credit: Hopwood Radio

On 24th February 2020 PC Louis Chadwick (17503) shouted at two members of the public who were doing photography of Warwick Mill on Oldham Road in Middleton Manchester, the two individuals could not hear what was being shouted so one of them walked towards PC Chadwick who continued to shout.

"I told you to fucking move now!"

PC Louis Chadwick (17503)

This made the two photographers alarmed at the behaviour and intimidation of the officer, they explained to PC Chadwick that they were not doing anything wrong or committing any crimes just doing photography by taking photos of warwick mill.

PC Chadwick went back inside the police station a few moments had past and PC Chadwick drove a police car from the police station and parked it next to the individuals and asked them to move away because they were causing him some concern.

Email stating PC Chadwicks behaviour fell below standards

The two individuals refused to move as they were carrying out a legal activity of photography once they moved away and proceeded towards Middleton Gardens a police car pulled up and parked at Tesco petrol station on Barton road near tesco extra an officer got out and walked towards the two individuals PC Connor Light (17643).

PC Light asked what the individuals were doing after they explained the incident in regards to PC Chadwick they explained they were just doing photography of warwick mill. PC Light asked to see the photos they had taken. One of the victims voluntarily started to show PC Light some photos and his response was.

“There is more photos than that”

The victim responded get a court order, PC Light stated it was a bit shady and suspicious that you are taking photographs of the police station, they both told PC Light they were taking photographs of warwick mill on oldham road and not the police station. Warwick mill is across the road from Middleton Police Station as seen below.

Warwick Mill (Oldham Road) Photo credit: Hopwood Radio

Both victims asked on several occasions if they were being detained but PC Connor Light refused to answer and kept ignoring the question. When one of the individuals stated if we are not being detained we are free to leave and started to walk away PC Light stopped him from doing so and stated.

“The vans here for you now” this amounts to false detainment and threat of arrest, two police vans and two police cars arrived on Barton road for two members of the public doing a legal activity of photography.

One of the victims explained that the only reason they were free to leave was because he knew an officer who works for Greater Manchester Police and has a good standing friendship with him. PC Light’s attitude dropped drastically and started to have a laugh with both victims.

The case has been in a 3 year court battle mostly due to delays and 2020 was the start of COVID-19 we were told Greater Manchester Police’s barrister also failed to follow the equal treatment benchbook.

KBW Andrew Pickin (Barrister for GMP)

If you are a photographer we highly recommend you look up the ACPO Letter which lists photography rights and also informs all police forces in the UK the following.

ACPO Letter for Photographers (Know your Rights) - Click image to Download a Copy

The court case concluded on 24th April 2023 and District Judge Hassall ordered the victims to pay Greater Manchester Police over £6,000 both victims were unrepresented in the county court and had to become Litigant in Person(s) to try defend their case against a solicitor Sophie Ross-Jones and two Barristers Andrew Pickin who failed to follow the equal treament benchbook and Alexander Williams.

Alexander Williams (Barrister for Oriel Chambers)

When the victims tried to appeal against the decision it was struck out because not all decisions were completed again this was because the victims were unrepresented and have autism with no legal help, support or knowledge.

It just shows how corrupt and intimidating Greater Manchester Police and the Justice system are against people who suffer with disabilities the victims had evidence against Greater Manchester Police, Video footage, CCTV footage, Police Radio Communication, Photographs and emails and Greater Manchester Police had no evidence to defend their officers actions but still the victims are the ones who have been treated like criminals and ordered to pay over £6,000 to Greater Manchester Police.

Do you have a story and want to get in touch you can do so by contacting the team on Facebook or send an email to

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