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Rochdale Boroughwide Housing continue to provide a poor service to vulnerable tenants

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing continue to provide a poor service to vulnerable tenants

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (Employee who was aggressive, intimidating and refused ID)

A tenant of Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH) has raised his concern about how he is treated by RBH employees. He had a repair booked to fix his kitchen tap as it was not letting water flow and had to keep shaking and banging the taps just to get some water to run.

Today Friday (3rd November) two RBH employees attended the tenants property to fix the problem upon opening the door the tenant was met with aggressive and unprofessional people when the tenant asked to see the employee IDs. You can see one of the employees point to the RBH logo on his jumper.

The tenant informed the employee that he needed to see a photo ID and was told it was in the van. The tenant continued and asked the employee to go and get it. This is when the employee became aggressive towards the tenant by his voice and actions the employee told the tenant that he did not have to go and get his ID.

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing Employees (taken from below Video)

The employee then went further to intimidate the vulnerable tenant by grabbing his front door handle and closing the front door on the tenant leaving him shocked and disgusted by the way the RBH employee had acted when his ID was requested.

Both RBH Employees did not return to the tenants home with ID or to carry out the planned repair when the tenant contacted RBH he had to re-schedule the repair work the only next available time slot he could be given was Tuesday (7th November) as they could not get anyone else out the same day.

The tenant has put in a formal complaint to Rochdale Boroughwide Housing, We have asked for comment on the incident and will provide an update once we receive a response you can see the Video below.

Video of RBH Employee's disgusting behaviour towards a vulnerable tenant

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