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RTC Causes distruption on queen elizabeth way Heywood.

An RTC has caused traffic distruption on Queen elizabeth II Way in heywood.

Renault involved in the crash | Credit: Manchester Today

At Around 14:11pm on Wednesday 26th July a road traffic collision was reported where two cars had crashed into one another a Kia and a Renault could be seen sitting in the middle of the live lanes at the junction of Manchester Road and Queen Elizabeth II Way.

Kia and a Renault could be seen sitting in the middle of the live lanes Photo Credit: Jan Todd

Manchester Today's journalist Mark was quick to the scene where he was approched by the owner of the Renault. It is belived that the driver of the Kia openly admited fault. Greater Manchester Police attended the collision but left shortly after to allow the dirvers to arrange own recovery and exchange incurance details.

Mark was told that the Renault was on a test drive by a female driver who was looking at buying the car before the collision happened. Distuption was caused on both Queen Elizabeth II Way and Manchester Road. No Serious injuries were reported and no ambulance or fire was needed.

The owners of the Renault could be seen hooking the car up to a Land Rover to tow it back to the garage.

Kia involved in the collision Photo: Manchester Today

The road has since been cleared of obsruction.

The Renault being towed after the collision. Photo: Manchester Today

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