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GMP cop banned from policing after 'repeated' domestic abuse

Abigail Barlow caused 'serious psychological impact' to her victim, a disciplinary hearing was told

Former PC 17159 Abigail Barlow

A former Greater Manchester Police officer has been banned from the profession after subjecting her partner to 'sustained' abusive behaviour.

Abigail Barlow resigned from her role as police constable three days after being sentenced by magistrates for coercive and controlling behaviour.

An accelerated misconduct hearing on Friday afternoon (July 21) heard that Barlow, 32, had caused 'serious psychological impact' to her victim. Barlow joined GMP on May 21, 2018, and quit on January 20 this year. She pleaded guilty to controlling and coercive behaviour, carried out against her partner, at Mold Magistrates Court last December 13 and was sentenced on January 17. Magistrates handed Barlow a 26-week prison sentence, suspended for two years, plus 30 days rehabilitation, 200 hours of unpaid work and a restraining order.

Chief Constable Stephen Watson said her actions were 'incompatible with the role of police officer' and undermined public trust in the force. He said Barlow's behaviour amounted to gross misconduct and she would have been dismissed from the force had she not already quit.

Gareth Madgwick, the solicitor representing GMP, said Barlow 'must have known of the serious effect of her behaviour on her partner'. "There has been regular, repeated or sustained behaviour over a period of time," he said.

Mr Madgwick told the hearing Barlow's actions had left a 'serious psychological impact' on her victim, adding: "There is a loss of public trust in policing caused by an officer having been convicted of such a grave offence." Exact details of the nature of Barlow's offending were not disclosed in public at the hearing.

Chf Con Watson said: "Ms Barlow was specially trained to target and combat the very behaviours that she perpetrated over a prolonged period of time. Her level of knowledge as to the effect of domestic violence was such that her misconduct must be considered to be particularly serious." The chief constable ruled that Barlow should be added to the College of Policing barred list, describing her 'cruel, coercive and violent behaviour' as 'more than a simple lapse of judgement'. Chf Con Watson added: "Her forced resignation will serve to benefit both the public and GMP."

Barlow, of Clifton Street, Milnrow, turned down the opportunity to attend the hearing, be represented by the Police Federation or submit further mitigation to be considered.

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