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Safeguarding Concern at Rochdale Boroughwide Housing

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH) have failed in their duties to safeguard vulnerable tenants in Middleton.

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (Unique Enterprise Centre, Belfield Rd, Rochdale OL16 )

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing have once again landed themselves in trouble due to the safeguarding of its tenants who have disabilities or classed as vulnerable. Tenants have reported that when RBH Employees and Contractors attend there property they have failed to provide ID at the door.

Some employees or contractors expect to be let into the tenants property because they have a top on with the RBH company logo or provide an excuse stating they left their ID in the van. This has become a safeguarding concern that's happened to a tenant on regular occasions.

The tenant stated that you would expect employees to wear the ID around their neck before knocking on your door as not everyone asks for ID I have had a number of RBH employees knock on my door to do repairs and a majority of them fail to provide there ID or tell me they left it in the van so I make them go and get it.

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing Employees (at tenants front door with no ID)

I had a gas servicing engineer from RBH knock on my door on Monday 14th Aug 2023 and I noticed he didn’t have his ID around his neck so when I asked to see his ID he looked surprised that I asked then started to check his folder and told me he must of left it in his van so I told him before I let you in I need to see some ID.

His response was “Oh never mind I’ll just re-book the appointment” so instead of going back to his van he rescheduled the gas service appointment. Numerous complaints have been made to Rochdale Boroughwide Housing about this issue and I just got told that they’ll speak with the team but nothing ever changes as it is now a regular occurrence. I recently wrote to RBH Interim CEO Yvonne Arrowsmith and got this response.

“We have instructed all employees to ensure they are carrying their ID, and will again reiterate to all workers.”

It appears the message is not being made clear enough and causes a safeguarding concern to people who are more vulnerable because anyone can get a top or hiviz with a company logo on and claim they work for that company not everyone asks people for ID they just assume because they have company clothing then they work there.

Greater Manchester Police have posted many times about safeguarding concerns in regards to cold callers at the door who show no ID and then force their way into the property looking for items to steal which include (money and car keys).

On the Greater Manchester Police website it states the following.

Anyone who calls at your door should have some form of identification. You are well within your rights to ask for this and make a note of their details.

You can find out more by visiting the website by Clicking Here.

You can never really be sure who you open the door to or let into your property, when we asked Rochdale Boroughwide Housing for comment they responded with the following.

All staff have been reminded that they must wear their ID when visiting tenants. The repairs managers are speaking directly to all of their operatives to reiterate the point. Failure to wear an ID badge will be dealt with through our disciplinary process.

Do you have a story and want to get in touch you can do so by contacting the team on Facebook or send an email to

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